St. Joseph’s International Catholic College 

Centenary Committee Information


28th April 2015
Dear Parents,
It is my pleasure to welcome you and our new parents to St. Joseph’s International Catholic College. I sincerely thank you, students, staff and friends for your support towards Centenary Committee fundraising activities in 2014.
Statement of Income & Expenses of 2014 fundraising Income
                                   Corporate Dinner                      K 100,814.75
                                   Car Raffle                               K 102,390.00                         
                                   Sausage Sizzle                          K         400.10
                                   Total                                      K 203,604.85
                          Operating expenses                            K   30,130.87
                          Net Income                                      K 173,473.98
In preparation towards our centenary celebration in 2017, the Committee is continuing its activities for this year and looking forward to your continuous support and participation.
The committee is inviting parents, guardians and friends to become an active member of Centenary Committee. Please indicate your intentions below and return to your child’s class teacher on or before Wednesday, 6th May 2015.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Stephen Sallun
Centenary Committee Chairman
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Please indicate your intentions to become a member of the Centenary Committee below:
 OYes                              O No
If yes, indicate the specific working committee/s you would prefer to serve on:
  O Fundraising Committee
  O Media & publicity committee
  O St. Joseph’s history research committee
  O Events and logistics committee
  O Faith and Family Committee
Name: ____________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________  
Phone: ____________________________Mobile: ________________________________
Child’s Name: _______________________Class: _________________________________




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