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St Joseph's International Catholic College Alumni Association Committee was formed in July 2015. The Alumni Association currently has members living, working and attending colleges/universities all over the world.  


In preparation for the college’s 100 years Centenary celebrations we are calling on all ex-students and alumni who can share their testimonials, photos and memorabilia for the Centenary Celebration. Please do not hesitate to contact the alumni committee directly on  or contact the college directly to find out how you can do this.

We strongly encouraging every alumni to be part of the Centenary Celebration in 2017.


We will certainly update you on events in lead up to the Centenary. The Alumni has many events planned and will keep you posted through this website and the college face book page.

If you have not registered as an alumni member, please go to the Alumni Forms and fill in the details and click on Submit Form. Your details will be sent for registration.

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