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Faith and Family are the most precious and greatest strengths we have. Both are gifts, and our best response to gifts is to be grateful for the gift. oth Faith and Family are relational gifts which help us learn how to relate deeply with other people, and with our God. t is often in our Families and through our Faith that we discover the courage to act.


The National Pastoral Plan for the Catholic Church in Papua New Guinea says:

Families:  Alive in Christ,


Children:  Loved and cared for,


Youth: Happy and fulfilled,


Adult men and women:  Informed and participating,


The Poor: Self reliant and respected,


The Sick:  Properly cared for.


Most of what we do at St Joey’s is develop better strategies to help your children experience that they are loved and cared for, happy and fulfilled; and, as they grow, they will become better informed and willing to participate; in whatever way they are poor, they are respected and encouraged to be self reliant; and when they are sick, they are properly cared for. In this way, we want to help you help your children become more alive in Christ. May the information you can discover in these pages help you find strategies to fulfill the National Pastoral Plan and our claim to be a community of Faith and Family.



Fr Paul Jennings, MSC, OBE

Executive Director

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