2019-2020 COLLEGE FEES

Early Bird Discount: A 10% discount applies to fees paid in full on or before Monday, 28th January 2019. Companies and institutions are eligible for the 10%discount. The 10% discount does not apply to the third, fourth, fifth child, etc. whohave already been granted the respective family discounts. The 10% discount will be
forfeited if the child withdraw or transfer out during the year.


Installment Payments are paid in three installments at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 & 3; there should be no fees due at the beginning of Term 4.


Outstanding Fees: Students may be refused admission into the college in any new term or to go on any excursion unless the fees for the previous term have been paid
in full for the whole family or if the family has any outstanding debts with the college. All fees for the whole year should be paid in full by the start of Term 3. GRADE 8, 10 AND 12 STUDENTS WHO HAVE OUTSTANDING COLLEGE FEES WILL NOT SIT FOR EXAMINATIONS. STUDENTS WHO HAVE OUTSTANDING COLLEGE FEES WILL NOT RECEIVE TRANSFER CERTIFICATES IF TRANSFERRING.

Family Discount: If there are more than two children from the same nuclear family attending the college, the 1st and 2nd child pay full fees and are eligible for the above 10% discount; 3rd child is eligible for a 40% discount, 4th child 30% discount, 5th and subsequent child 10% discount on their full fees but are not entitled to the above 10% discount before the start of Term 1.

Late Enrolments: When a space is reserved in a class, not on the Waiting List, for a new student to enrol into the college but to arrive at a later date, the fee for the whole year must be paid in full. New students who enrol after the third week of Term 1, pay pro-rata fees over the whole year. Thus a student enrolling after five weeks in Term 2 will pay 25/40 of the whole annual fee. (There are 40 weeks in a school year). Students enrolling in the first three weeks of Term 1 must pay the full annual fee. Students from the previous year who return after the commencement of the New Year must pay the full annual fee. St. Joseph’s does not normally
encourage enrolment during Term 4.


New Enrolments: A K50.00 deposit must accompany all new applications.
· K50 is an application fee and it is non-refundable.
. K50 is not part of the school fees if the child is accepted. Full school fees will apply.


Refunds: Students who withdraw from the college will be charged full fees through until the end of the Semester in which they withdraw. Students who withdraw in Term 4 are not eligible for refund. A student is not considered to have withdrawn until the college has been officially notified in writing. A refund of college fees will be made on a pro-rata basis for the remaining terms of the school year. Students who take extended holidays during the school year or are suspended for nonpayment of fees do not receive a rebate for the time that they have missed school. Overpayment by companies will be refunded back to the company concern.

Students in Grades 10 and 12 who complete their final exams are not eligible for a refund.

Parents are requested to pay all college fees directly into the College’s Bank A/C No. 1000591145, St. Joseph’s International Catholic College at BSP, Boroko – This is for security reasons. After paying fees at the Bank, please bring your Bank Receipt to the College for a College Receipt to be issued to the family.

                                             Gregg Soweni                                                                  Fr Paul Jennings, MSC                      
                            Chairman - College Board                                                         Executive Director                              


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