Primary School Information #6/2020

Pre-School and Prep to Grade 6




COVID-19 is a global concern and we all have to work together in our College Community to ensure our students education continues despite the challenges.


During the first three weeks of Term 2, we slowly learnt to adapt to the ‘new normal’ in starting Term 2 to slow down the spread of COVID-19. We used a gentle approach to implement and promote sanitization and hygiene practices in all aspects of our school’s daily operation. We also asked you all to help us work together during this month’s trial teaching and learning weekly schedule in response to COVID-19 for the new normal in schools.


Our two-day classroom learning attendance in Week 1 and 2, Term 2, show that parents are confident in sending their children to school because the weekly student attendance improved from 75% in Week 1 to 88% in Week 2, Term 2. In Week 1, Term 2, a total of 45 students stayed at home to do full-time Home Learning as per written instructions from their parents, however, this number decreased to 30 students in Week 2, Term 2. Six students transferred out/withdrew as of Week 2, Term 2.

We would like to sincerely thank all our parents; you all helped us with your understanding, support and co-operation. Consequently, we all worked together to ensure education continued for our children especially in the first three weeks of this term. THANK YOU ALL!


Return to full class, five-days/week as of Week 4/Term 2 Monday 25 May 2020


We wish to advise that all our Primary School Grade classes and our Pre-School groups will return to school five days per week as of next Monday, 25 May 2020. We have managed to re-organise our classrooms again to maintain 1m-1.5m distance apart in all our classrooms by moving most of the furniture (wooden cupboards/shelves/storage) to allow space in the classrooms. Now we are ready for a five-day/week school.


Morning Classroom Roll check and prayer time:    7.45am-8.00am

Classroom learning starting time:  8.00am

Afternoon classroom Roll check, prayer time:  2.50pm-2.55pm

Dismissal to respective Waiting Gates:  2.55pm

Pick up time Waiting Gates:  3.00pm



All our preventive and pre-cautionary measures mentioned in our previous Information to Parents namely #3/2020, #4/2020, and also #5/2020have not changed and are still in place for all to follow.

The only change to the information mentioned in these three documents is our two-day school per week. Our Trial Teaching and Learning Schedule on two-days classroom learning and three-days Home Learning in Week 1, 2 and 3 of Term 2 ends this Friday 22 May 2020.


All our Primary School students will attend school 5-days school per week starting next Monday 25 May 2020 for the rest of the year.


For those parents who have opted for their children to continue with a Week’s Home Learning Materials, Term 2. There are 30 students in this group. We will still e-mail Weekly Home Learning materials on Monday each week via e-mail to you. PLEASE return your children’s completed Weekly Learning Materials and leave them in the Primary School Storage Box located at the Vaivai Gate Waiting area each Friday.


Reminder: After School Pick Up Time:

In the last two weeks, we noted that some parents picked up their children very late in the afternoon from the gates. As of next Monday 25 May, our Primary School students without siblings in the Secondary School will line up at the gate for pick up by parents within the first 15 minutes to avoid overcrowding at the gates in the afternoons.

Please help us by collecting your child between 3.00pm and 3.15pm each day.



Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation in the first three weeks of Term 2, and we all look forward to receiving all our students back in class next Monday 25 May 2020.

Thank you.

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