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Pope John Paul II Administrative Building

The Pope John Paul II Administrative Building is a two story building. The first floor houses the Receptionist and the offices of the Bursar, the Administrative Assistant, the Administrative and the Head of Security as well as the students’ Sick Bay and the Photo Copy Room. The second floor has the Executive Director’s office, Assistant to the Director’s office, Primary and Secondary Principal’s office, the Principal Secretary’s reception area, and the Board Room.

Our Lady of Sacred Heart Sisters/OLSH Staff Center

The Staff Center consists of two levels. The ground floor is to be used by all staff to have tea/coffee/lunch and socialize during recess and lunch time. A small kitchen and staff toilets can be found on this floor. The time clock as well as pigeon holes for administrative and academic staffs are also located on this floor.  The first floor Staff work room is sometimes referred to as the Engine Room

Herminia Agabe Laboratories

The ground floor of the “Herminia Agabe” Laboratories contains the Science Laboratory and the Home Economic kitchen and storage area. Two fully air conditioned Computer Laboratories are located on the first floor equipped with computers with internet connections. Each student is given an account which they can use to access the internet and personal school email for more productive studying.  Each computer laboratory is equipped with projectors for more elaborate teaching. Students can print their school work.

Sr. Flavian Boland Resource Center

The Resource Center is staffed by a trained Librarian and an Assistant. The learning center houses encyclopedias and other reference materials as well as various books and other publications. Primary school students have a resource center time once a week where they learn about the use of the Resource Center and/or spending their time reading.  The Learning Center is also equipped with 25 computer workstations for students research purposes.

Chapel of the Holy Family

The Holy Family Chapel is located behind the Peace Theatre.  The Chapel is open to both students and staffs of St. Joseph’s during the day as a place of prayer and meditation where peace and solace are possible. Class and reconciliation masses are held here as scheduled.

Music Building

The Music building is located near the basketball court, next to the grade 3 classroom and the school canteen. The music room has a large open space with two rooms for the/ storage of musical instruments and equipment/sound system. The other room is used for the brass instruments and its seating chairs for the brass players.   All lessons and music performances is conducted here at this music room.  On the lower floor, the offices of Primary Deputy Principal Curriculum and Primary Deputy Principal Administration are located.

Preschool Compound

Found across the main campus, the Preschool Building is where the foundation of learning starts for young students. A small playground is also in the compound.

Indonesian Language and Multimedia Center

The Indonesian Language and Multi Media Center was officially opened by Fr. Paul Jennings together with the Indonesian Ambassador to Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, His Excellency Ambassador Andreas Sitepu, on 14 September 2012. The Center is equipped with a projector and screen a set of sound system.  The Indonesian Language and Multi Media Center is a busy place where both Primary and Secondary teachers take their students to watch movies or documentaries to enhance the teaching and learning in their classrooms. The building also has the Junior Library on the 2nd floor for Primary students.

Peace Theatre

Peace theatre is the place where students have their assemblies, programs, Certificate Awarding. Peace Thatre bring students close together by expressing their feelings, thoughts. It influences how students think and feel on their own lives.

Cardinal Sir John Ribat Centenary Hall

The covered court with stage in the middle. Newly opened during the Centenary Celebrations.

School Canteen

The Canteen is located next to the Music room .It opens to both students and staff.  Canteen times: 10.30 am – 11.00 am and 12.30 pm - 01.00 pm

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