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Rainbow Rules

Respect and courtesy to all

Respecting all religious belief

Addressing all people by their correct name

Being polite at all times

Respecting others’ opinions and waiting for others to finish before speaking

Speaking English at all times in school

Arriving at class on time so as not to distract or disturb others in the class

Keeping the classroom and playground tidy

Walking quietly between classes so as not to disturb others


Actions of love

Practising Christian values

Acting in a friendly way

Taking care of one another

Speaking kindly about others

Acting in a way that does not hurt others or myself


Injury I can avoid

Keeping my hands and feet to myself

Avoiding name calling and teasing

Playing carefully and sensibly in the correct areas and only under teacher supervision

Keeping myself healthy in mind and body


Neatness in myself and my school

Wearing the correct and full school uniform

Keeping myself clean

Keeping my school clean and tidy

Putting things away in the correct place when I have finished with them

Behaviour when at home and at School

Showing pride in St. Joseph’s

Answering the bell quickly and quietly

Avoiding swearing, cursing, fighting and bullying

Being honest

Being attentive in class lines and at assembly

Acting politely and considerately towards others

Moving promptly to pick up areas and then sitting down


Obedience to teachers

Obeying all teachers’ instructions

Avoiding answering back to a teacher

Responding quickly to a teacher’s directions


Work which must be done with pride

Making sure that others have the opportunity to learn without my stopping them

Paying attention in class and trying to do my best at all times

Using my time effectively and presenting my schoolwork neatly and on time

Listening carefully and concentrating

Participating in all school activity

Helping others and learning from them

Helping create and maintain classroom displays

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