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St. Joseph's International Catholic College’s History - A Bird’s Eye View

   In February 1917, Sr. Carthage started the first St Joseph’s School with fifteen pupils, in a room of the OLSH Convent then situated behind Port Moresby Cathedral.  At this time, there was no opportunity for any form of Catholic schooling for Catholic children of the expatriates in Port Moresby.  Around the same time, Sr. Paschal began a Catholic school at Ela Beach, in Granny Taurino’s house, for PNG and mixed-race children.

   St. Joseph’s School soon overflowed, first into part of the new church and later into a house next to the convent, until the completion of the new school in 1926.  This new school is now the Presbytery of the Cathedral.  The school closed in 1941 because of the war but it was reopened in 1946.

   In the late fifties it was decided to move St. Joseph’s School to Boroko.  The population had grown especially around Boroko.  At this time the pastoral care was prominent for these Catholic children.  The old school was too small and its facilities inadequate.

   While the School was being built in the early sixties, St. Joseph’s church was established at Boroko and the church hall was used for the first classes.  By the mid-sixties, the school was well established.  For the next twenty years, buildings and facilities continued to be added and improved.


   From the inception of the school in 1917 until December 1985, the OLSH Sisters provided leadership in the school at the request of the Archbishops in order to meet the pastoral needs of the diocese.

   After the independence, with the restructuring of the Education System in Papua New Guinea, St. Joseph’s School was changed to ‘St. Joseph’s International Primary School’ in 1976 and was registered as a company in order for it to be able to obtain the finance necessary for the running of the school.

   From 1986 until 1994, St. Joseph’s International primary School was administered by the principals.  In 1995. The RVM Sisters took on the administration of St. Joseph’s. In January 1998 a lay principal was again appointed by Archbishop Brian Barnes.

Photo of Staffs and Students 

   The following people have been influential on the history of the school: Sr. Rosa Maher; Sr. Cajetan; Sr. Margaret Harrington; Sr. Flavian Boland; Sr. Aileen Cracknell; Sr. Margaret Mary Daniher; Sr. Theresa Chue; Sr. Antonia O’Toole; Sr. Joseph Murray; Sr. Marie Louise Booth and Sr. Josette Lee (OLSH); Mrs. Anne Copsy; Mrs. Helen McBride; Mrs. Yolanda Eyrich; Mrs. Hermina Agabe; Mrs. Rose Amankwah and Mrs. Peaclyn Rajeswiren; McEnroe; Fr. Taylor; Fr. Eather; Fr. Cuneo; Fr. Scrivener; Fr. Moore; Fr. Roseser; Fr. Linden; Fr. Meaney; and Fr. Guy (MSC).

   On the 8th of September 2008, St. Joseph’s International Primary School became a College.  The College also introduced a new type of management for effective leadership within the school’s operations and management.

   Although bearing very similar name St. Joseph’s International Catholic College is not the parish school of St. Joseph’s Church.  St. Joseph’s is the school of the Archdiocese- the school is accountable to the Archdiocese.

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