#17/21 – Wednesday, 1st December 2021 



Dear Parents/Carers, Students and Staff


Today the last day of school for the Primary School students, and Grade 7, 9 and 11 Secondary School students, and this is our last newsletter for the year.


We all know that this year has also been another COVID-19 academic year; it presented many and different challenges to everyone in our college community. However it has been a great joy to observe and witness the support and co-operation we have received during the year.  Everyone has worked towards successfully continuing with the learning programs for all our students this year.  On behalf of our College Leadership Team, I offer our acknowledgements and gratitude to you all.


To all our students, thank you for your courage and resilience and the effort in doing your best work in the classroom and also in your home learning. 


To our parents/carers, thank you for your love and encouragement for your child/ren, and also for your support to the school during the year, especially with many COVID-19 restrictions and requirements on clearance, self-isolation, and our daily Niupela Pasin protocols.  


We acknowledge that it has been extremely difficult for some families who lost a loved one during the year. We would like to take a moment to acknowledge all these families and seek God’s blessing on them as they move forward.  


To our teaching staff, thank you for your perseverance, your kindness and care for every student in your class, your commitment and enthusiasm in implementing your professional responsibilities.  Our special thank you to all the staff leaving at the end of this year for their years of service here and we wish them all the very best for the future.


To all our support staff, thank you for your tireless efforts in your cleaning and gardening responsibilities, repair and maintenance work, printing work, driving, serving our parents, accounting, collecting/receipting school fees etc.


To our Board Chairman, Mr Gregg Soweni, and all our current Board Members for their sound advice, guidance, encouragement, ongoing support and also for your time given to attend scheduled Board meetings for the good of all our College Community members.


We also extend a big thank you to our Security Staff for providing full time security service at our college.


May our homes be filled with the spirit of Christmas as we await the birth of our Lord Jesus, and welcome Him into our hearts filled with joy and peace.


I take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. 


Yours sincerely

Mr George Swamy

a/Executive Director, Principal - Secondary

To:  All our Families in our College Community








From:  All Staff and Management – St Joseph’s International Catholic College



School Uniforms will be on sale at the Administration Office on Tuesday 18 January 2022.


These items are the ones from the previous supplier, and will be sold at reduced prices.  The prices for each item at the reduced price is shown on attached Price List from Cherry’s, our current supplier.  Uniforms will also be sold at Cherry’s Vision City, and at Waterfront, Konedobu.



2022 School Fees - There will be no school fee increase in 2022.  A copy of our 2021-2022 School fee was attached with the last newsletter which is also available in our College website.  If you have not yet received your child’s 2022 School Fee Invoice, please send an e-mail to  We will e-mail a copy to you as soon as possible in the next two weeks.  Our Administration office closes for the Christmas break on 23 December 2021.


We wish to advise that 2022 school fee payments for both continuing and new students must be paid before or during the registration week, 24 January to 28 January 2022.  Please note, if school fee payments are not received by then, your child will lose his/her space automatically, and the space will be offered to students in our 2022 Waiting Pool.


23rd December       Office Closes for holidays


3rd January           Office Opens

17th January         Ancillary Staff resume duty @ 7:40 am

19th January          Executive Staff resume duty @ 7:40 am

24th January         Teachers resume duty @ 7:40 am

31st January         Students resume classes – (Pre-school to Grade 12)
















16th January              Ancillary staff resume duty

18th January              Executive staff resume duty

23rd January              Teachers resume duty

30th January              Students commence class (Pre-School to Grade 12)