#05/22 – 24th June 2022   


Dear Parents/Carers, Students and Staff


Religious Education

Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation and First Holy Communion.


St Joseph’s International Catholic College had special celebrations of grace, sacred ways when students chose to celebrate the Sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion and open themselves to God’s life-giving and protective love.


On Sunday, June 12, 2022, at St. Joseph’s Parish Church, Boroko 43 students (38 from the sixth grade and 5 from secondary school) received a special outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Main Celebrant was His Grace Archbishop Rochus Josef Tatamai, MSC, DD, assisted by Fr. John Curtis, CP, Parish Priest.


On the following Sunday, June 19, 2022, 37 students (31 students from the fourth grade and 6 from the fifth grade) received the First Holy Communion, when they received the body and blood of Jesus for the first ime; a very; holy and significant event in their lives. The Main Celebrant was Fr John Curtis, CP and the Co-Celebrant was Fr Joseph Liaia, CP.


The preparation time involves the vital participation of all members of the faith community, priests, children, parents and /or other significant family members, Religious Education teachers and the whole school of Faith and Family.


Mrs. Beth Jigo

Assistant to the Executive Director – Faith Education

HOD – Religious Education


Primary School

2022 Rugby Union Program

               Date:  Friday 1 July 2022            Venue:   Soccer Fields, Bisini, Boroko



















Pre-School Program:  Our Pre-School students and their teachers have their own program for the day at the same venue.    



REMINDERS:  Please read and note these reminders on Friday 1 July 2022 at Bisini Soccer Fields.

  • All children to bring their own water bottles – sharing of water bottles is not allowed.

  • All children to bring their own snacks/sliced fruits/lunch-pack from home.

  • All children to wear their school hat/cap, house colour caps and bring their sun tan lotion to use during the day.

  • All children to wear their house color uniform to the venue.  Sponsored class jerseys, if available, to be distributed at the class designated area by class teachers.

  • All Primary School students will remain in the Bisini allocated areas, and will not move across to the Bava Park area during and after the Program.

  • All Primary School students will remain in the designated area for pick up from 11.00am-11.30pm, supervised by teachers.

  • Parents are most welcome to be with their children, and assist the teachers in the supervision of their children’s classes.

  • Food/drink sales by parents/relatives/friends inside the Bisini areas is not allowed.

  • College Canteen will sell food/drinks.

  • Additional water and plastic cups for each section of the school will be provided by the College.

  • St John Ambulance staff will be on site for the day.

  • College Security Staff will be on site duty for the day.

PLEASE COLLECT YOUR CHILDREN BY 11.30am.  Our College Bus will transport any child not collected from Bisini by 11.30am back to the College, and parents will be contacted to pick up their children from Vaivai Gate.

We anticipate a lot of excitement and participation during our Rugby Union Festival Day, and thank all parents for their support, encouragement and participation to make this day an enjoyable and happy one for all our Primary School students.  Special thank you to all the parents who donated in kind to a grade class in the Primary School; our students really appreciate your generosity.


Thank you all

Mrs. Igo

Primary School Curriculum Notices

  1.  2022 Semester 1 Student Report Collection Information












Parents are welcome to discuss the contents of their child’s Semester One Report in early Term 3 by emailing/writing a note in your child’s Home Diary requesting for an appointment with their child’s teachers.


Kind regards,

Eden Estandarte

Deputy Principal Curriculum – Primary


Secondary School


Term 2 Examinations

Grade 7 – 12 students will have their term two exams next week and we wish them all the best in their exams. Below is the exam schedule.



















Drop off and pick up time during exam week - Drop off is on or before 7:50 am.   The morning exam starts at 8:00 am.    Pick-up time is at 2:50 pm from Monday to Thursday. 


Punctuality, attendance and missed examinations – please encourage your child to come to school early, avoid being late and not miss any part of the exams Attendance is a must during exam week.  Should your child be absent, please provide an explanation with any proof of absence.  St Joseph’s Assessment policy on attendance and missed examinations apply.


Secondary School Annual Rugby Union Festival – 2022                                                            
We will end our Term 2 teaching and learning with our 2022 Annual Rugby Union Festival in week 11 Friday, 1st July. Our students with their teachers have been preparing well for this event, excited and looking forward to the day. The Aim of our Rugby Union Festival is to:


  • Assist in the achievement of some Millennium Development goals

  • Promote cross-curriculum outcomes

  • Help our students learn about the core values of integrity, passion, solidarity, discipline and respect. 

  • Provide an opportunity for our students to take on roles and responsibilities to stage an event.

  • Promote gender equality

  • Motivate our students to attend school and improve academic achievement

  • Promote active and healthy lifestyles and

  • Grow our students’ interest and participation in rugby union.


Expectations and Information for the Rugby Union Festival:

Attendance:    The upcoming rugby union festival is a normal school day. All students are to attend this event to participate as a player, water runners, catering officers or to cheer for their class team. If your child is sick and is not able to attend on this day, please notify their homeroom teacher for his/her attendance to be marked accordingly.

7:45 am             Arrival of students at the Bava Park (Rugby Union Field). The entry to Bava Park

will be the Rita Flynn Gate, to where the cricket and Bisini soccer fields are. Drop off and pick-up will be Rugby Union Field Parking area.

8:00 am          All students are expected to be at their class team's designated area by 8 am for
                        roll check by their homeroom teachers and to organize for the games. We ask our
                       supportive parents to ensure children are on time to prepare for the festival.
                       Parents/guardians who wish to watch their child(ren) play will report to
                       the parents/guardians' designated area at the main grandstand. We only allow
                       parents who will be assisting to be with their child(ren) class teams. Entry to the
                        game’s venue will be closed by 8:30 am for security and COVID reasons.

8:15 am           Opening Prayer
8:20am            Games start.
2:00pm           End of all games.         
2:10pm           Assembly/ Presentation.
2:20pm          Dismissal

Attire:            All class teams are expected to turn up on the day well attired in their class team
                        uniform, organized by their class managers with the support of their
                        homeroom teachers and sponsors. Class teams without sponsors for uniform this
                        year are expected to come in their gold and brown PE T-shirt and shorts and to
                        wear a hat at all times unless out on the field playing.

Lunch:           We encourage student managers of class teams, with the support of
                        homeroom teachers and sponsors to ensure teams have enough, water, fruit
                        and lunch organized. Our Grade 12 Formal sales team will also be at the Bava
                        Park selling assorted soft drinks and water, hotdogs, kebabs, cakes & pastries,
                        donuts, biskets, ice cream & T ’shakes throughout the day. Please come around to
                        this stall to support our grade 12s on that day.

Events:          Class teams will be participating in the gold level of the code as per the rugby
                        union code development guidelines:
                       Grades 7 -10 – Gold Level (7 a side contact Rugby) and grade 11&12 – Gold
                        Level (Full 15 a side – contact rugby.)

Expected Rugby Union Code of Conduct on and off the Field:          

For Players:
All students participating in playing are reminded of the following conduct to:

  • Play for enjoyment.

  • Play hard and strive to win within the rules of the game

  • Work equally hard for yourself and your team – thus your team's performance will benefit as well as your own.

  • Treat all other players, as you yourself would wish to be treated.

  • Play by the rules, never argue with an official, referee or other players. Let the coach or manager sort out any problems.

  • Use of violence in all forms is not allowed.

  • You must cooperate with coaches, teammates and opponents. Without them, you do not have a game.

  • Learn to win with grace and lose with dignity. Be modest in success and appreciate your opponents’ performance, even when defeated.

  • Thank the opponent team at the end of the game as should the referee and officials who have made the game possible.


For Officials:

  • A member, coach or official shall not at any time act in a manner detrimental to the game or the spirit of Rugby Union.

  • All class team managers must take reasonable steps to ensure that class team players, officials, and supporters do not act in a manner detrimental to the game or the spirit of our Rugby Union Festival.

  • During the course of, or after a match, a class team member, player, coach, official, supporter or any other person associated with a class team, shall not abuse or address a referee or a touch judge in insulting terms, or act in an intimidating manner towards a referee or a touch judge.


For Spectators:

  • Show respect for your own team`s opponents. Without them, there would be no

  • Use of violence in all forms is not allowed.

  • Respect the referee`s decisions. If there is any concern about a referee`s decision
    or any other aspect of the game, it should be raised with your child`s coach.

  • Under no circumstances is the official`s honesty or judgement to be questioned in

All students are expected to behave responsibly and respectfully to ensure the success of this year’s Rugby Union Festival. 

Students are discouraged from bringing expensive items such as mobile phones and cameras on the event day.  Rugby games bring with them a lot of excitement and these items can easily go missing and school will not be responsible for replacing any lost items at the Bava Park – Rugby Union Field.  Parents and homeroom teachers assisting class teams are reminded to be vigilant in supervision to avoid any irregularities on that day.

All our parents are encouraged to be on time to pick up their child (ren). Students who will wait for their pick-up at end of our festival will be informed to wait at the pick-up area, in front of the Rugby Office, where supervision will be provided. Students who disrespect this duty of care and safety guideline by leaving without their pick-up will be dealt with using Discipline Procedures as well early Term 3.  Parents/guardians can check at the school to pick up their child(ren) after 2:45 pm.

2022 Term 2 Holiday Dates





Term 3

Ten teaching and learning weeks in Term 3, 2022.

Term 3 starts on Monday 18 July 2022 and ends on Friday 23 September 2022.


Yours sincerely


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Mr George Swamy                                                                                Mrs Hua Igo

Principal                                                                                             Principal

Secondary School                                                                             Primary School