#04/17 – Friday, 28th April

Dear Parents, Guardians, Teachers and Children,


There are only 8 more weeks before our centenary celebrations at the end of June.  Teachers and students have been very busy preparing for all the events that are planned over the five days.


The new Centenary Hall is almost complete.  We expect to be able to move into the Hall by the middle of May.   The Hall will be named the Cardinal Sir John Ribat Centenary Hall.  It will be blessed and opened by Cardinal Ribat on the first day of our celebrations, Tuesday 27th June at 2 pm.  The cost of the Hall is K1.52m of which 75% has already been paid.   We had hoped to fund this from external donors, but that did not work.  We have funded the Hall from small savings in the last three years and budgeted savings in 2017.  This means that the Hall has been funded by you generous parents through prompt payment of school fees.  Thank you for supporting the College in this and many other ways.   Please come and celebrate what you have been able to achieve when the Hall is blessed and opened.


The other days of celebrations will provide some interesting activities, as well as the chance to catch up with old friends, former teachers and each other.  On Wednesday the Open Day will include classroom displays, many photos from the past, past school uniforms and all the excitement of the Mr & Ms St. Joseph’s competition.  Thursday is a fun sports day for all the family at the Bisini sports fields.


The cultural day on Friday afternoon will provide a chance to honour (with dance and story) past leaders, present heroes and some of those who have contributed to the development of our College over many years.  We are expecting several distinguished guests to join us and be recognised in this event.


The celebrations will conclude with a motorcade and a thanksgiving Mass on Saturday morning.  This will probably include an important announcement about the next 100 years for our College.


I want to encourage all our parents to talk with their children about celebrations and how big it is to have a College that has lasted for 100 years.  Celebrations work best if there is excitement, even in the preparations.   SO LET’S GET EXCITED !!!




Fr Paul Jennings                                                                  

Executive Director

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