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Rosie Kassman

Rosie attended St Josephs in the late 80’s with her older siblings Vincent and Helen and younger sibling Raymond, followed by youngest sibling Carl in the 2011. She is currently the Corporate Services Manager for Golder Associates PNG Limited. Prior to that she spent 10 years working for the Australian Aid program at the Australian High Commission and then with Australian aid projects here in PNG. She has 2 sons, Shane and John Rimats who both attend St Joseph’s ICC.

Glenn Galura
Vice Chairperson


Glenn attended St. Josephs in the late 80’s along with his younger brother Dominic. He is currently the General Manager for H. A Pastor Construction Limited which does various construction projects around Papua New Guinea. Prior to this he was based in the Philippines working as the Operations Manager for CAANA Construction. He is married to Angelina and has two daughters Audrey and Ashley.

Anifreda (Alarcos) Hau’ofa

Anifreda attended  from 1986-1990 along with her sisters Merlyn & Antoinette. She then went through to Marianville High School, Aiyura (yr 11) & was in the pioneer graduating class of 96 at Port Moresby National High for Gr 12.   She then did her BA at UPNG.  She has worked in the freight-forwarding & Logistics Industry for the past 15 years working with Oceanic Communications  Ltd & Agility Project & Logistics and currently the Customer Service Manager at TNT Air Cargo. She is married to Jason Hau’ofa who also had 2 younger siblings who are ex Joeys. Her 2 daughters currently attend SJIC.

Irene Romel

Irene attended St. Josephs from 1985 to 1991. Her younger siblings- Sally-Anne and Julian attended in the years after with Julian graduating in 2004. She works as the Port Moresby Office Manager/ Attaché Software Support Consultant for South Pacific Software Services in Port Moresby. She has one daughter, Clara-Jeanlyn who currently attends St. Joseph’s ICCC.

Rowena McNally
Executive Member

Rowena attended St Joseph's in the 1960’s with her brother John and younger sister, Anna. She is the Chair of Catholic Health Australia and a member of the International Council of Catholic Health-Care Institutions - Vatican.  She has served for many years on various church, government and not-for-profit health and hospital and infrastructure boards.   Rowena lives in Brisbane.  She is married to John Bond and has one son, Sean, who is living in Canada.

Kristy Akiro
Executive Member

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