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St Joseph’s ICS/ICC (PNG) Alumni Association Committee

Irene Romel, Kristy Akiro, Rosie Kassman, Anifreda (Alarcos) Hau’ofa, Glenn Galura

On 11th July 2015 at the college reunion, the Alumni Committee was nominated. 
The committee currently has five (5) members in Port Moresby and one (1) in Australia.
The core function of the current committee is to set the foundations of the Alumni Association including by-laws, constitution, registration and formation of the Alumni and Alumni Chapters around the world where our members live.


The objective of the Alumni is to contribute to the growth and development of the school, the community and the legacy of St Joseph’s in producing the quality students who will be our future leaders.


Education is the key to human development and economic growth for every country around the world. It is our responsibility now to provide the best education and support we can to the future leaders who are our children.


Have the “Courage to act” and we can all make a difference.
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