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Donation from Exxon Mobil PNG

We sincerely thank Exxon Mobil PNG for donating   three 42” inch flat screens TV and a BBQ stand together with a 13.2kg gas cylinder.    The two TV screens have been installed in our two Prep classrooms, and this has enhanced the teaching and learning for both students and teachers.  The third TV   screen is in the ICT Laboratory, yet to be installed in one of the buildings in the college. The BBQ stand will be used by students and teachers for approved fund raising activities. Special thank you to Ms. Belinda Gurra and her team at Exxon Mobil PNG for the kind donation.

Mrs. Perpetua Sagapuna, Deputy Principal, Primary School, and Kopi Namo from St Joseph’s International College, and Exxon Mobil staff,   Belinda Gurra - Public & Government Affairs Advisor,

Luis M Barriola - EMPNG Facilities Manager and Ms. Diana Sigimet - Planning & Controls Manager

Public & Government Affairs at   the   hand-over of  the donated items to Mrs. Sagapuna at EMPNG work site. 



Prep CH students and their Teachers:   Ms Aemaki and Mrs Yabbo

Prep CM students and their   Teachers:    Mrs Nangu and Ms Henem

Prep CH students and Prep CM students enjoying their Jolly Phonics lesson using the donated TV screens from Exxon Mobil PNG.   

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