#12/19 – Friday, 29th November 2019

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students


School Uniform Information
St Joseph’s College school uniforms are on sale at the Tango shops at Boroko and Tokarara. Parents and guardians can check and purchase at these two shops. Special orders can also be made for unusually large or smaller sizes that may not be available at the shops. The Tokarara shop will also take orders for uniform repairs should parents need this service to be provided. The uniform price list is also available at the two shops.


Week 10, Term 4 Events
Monday 2 December 2019 

Primary School Learning Celebration Assembly
Time:      8.30am
Venue:   Peace Theatre


Wednesday 4 December 2019
Secondary School Recognition Day
Time:      8.30am
Venue:   Peace Theatre


College Office Closing Date:  Friday 13 December 2019


2020 Dates January/February

College Office Opening Date:                    Monday 20 January 2020
Teaching Staff Resumption Date:             Monday 27 January 2020
Students – Pre-School to Grade 12:         Monday 3 February 2020



We wish all of our parents, staff and students Merry Christmas and a very fruitful and peaceful 2020.  Have a happy and peaceful holiday. 

                                                George Swamy                                                 Hua Igo

                                                     Principal                                                      Principal

                                              Secondary School                                       Primary School

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