#10/20 – Friday, 18th September 2020


Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Students,

I hope you had a joyful independence day. It is an occasion not only to remind us of how we can come together as a country but also how we build community as  people who share something in common and have the desire to reach out to each other.

Community building is at the heart of our faith. I hope that celebrating Independence Day was an opportunity for you to reach and strengthen the bounds of our unity. 

Recently Fr Paul Jennings underwent major heart surgery. He is now in a stable condition at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. He is still in need of prayers. 

Our re-cleaning continues and I am confident we have taken all necessary measures to provide a safe learning environment; if you have any concerns please first contact one of the Deputy Principals – Administration.


                                                                                         Fr Ben Fleming MSC 
                                                                                                a/Executive Director


2021   Re-enrolment Forms
Our 2021 Re-enrolment Forms will be given to the eldest child in each family in a sealed envelope by the respective class teachers today, Friday 18 September 2020.


Please check with your child for their 2021 Re-enrolment Form and complete it.   We expect all completed 2021 Re-enrolment Forms to be returned via your child to their 2020 Class Teacher by Friday 2 October  2020.


Any 2021 Re-enrolment Form received after Friday 2 October 2020 without an explanation will be placed in the Waiting Pool for 2021.

2021 Pre-School Enrolment Form
If you wish to enrol your child for Pre-School next year, collect our 2021 Pre-School Enrolment Form from our Reception Desk on Friday 18 September 2020 or from our website,   and   return your completed form  by Friday 2 October 2020 to the Reception Desk. 
All 2021 Pre-School Enrolment Forms received after Friday 2 October 2020 will be placed in the Waiting Pool for 2021.
Thank you.




                                     Mr George Swamy                                                                                  Mrs Hua Igo

                                     Principal – Secondary                                                                             Principal – Primary

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